Thor Km-550 Sewing Machine Servo Motor 3/4 HP 110 Volts 3 600 RPM Max Speed

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Description Thor Sewing Machines

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– High-Torque Motor – The THOR KM-550 is a high-torque and clutch-less, 110 volt 3/4 horsepower, 550W sewing machine motor that has a maximum speed amounting to 3300 RPM. watch – Easy to Operate and Quiet Performance – adjust the THOR KM-550’s motor speed by utilizing the speed-control knob located on the side of the motor. Once correctly adjusted, the motor operates smoothly and is essentially without-noise. – Energy Efficient The THOR KM-550 has the potential to save up to 50% of energy costs as opposed to a conventional clutch-type motor. The KM-550 is engineered for years of quiet and peaceful, as well as energy efficient functionality and performance. go site – Everything You Need The THOR KM-550 electric servo motor utilizes the identical mounting holes as your existing servo motor. The kit comes with mounting bolts, on/off switch, attaching hardware, belt cover, and vibration dampers.

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Weight 8 kg